Saturday, September 6, 2008

MN Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival today. It was so cool, and the costumes were awesome. These people are really into this.

Addison with the fairy that is on all the Festival adds. She plays the part perfectly, and her costume is unreal. Here she is giving Addison a fairy stone and some fairy dust. She also played some kind of flute. She was beautiful.

Addison making bubbles at one of the shops.

One of the dresses for sale. Don't you love it.

The woman and man in the middle in white had the most ornate costumes I saw.

Pirates and Wenches


big sis said...

That is TOO cool! Wish we had that type of stuff around here. I bet Addison loved the fairies. What did she think of the pirates?

Ronda said...

Isn't this place great. I haven't been to Shokopee in years. I assume that's the one you went to. It was so cool when I went. And I have a friend who lives 10 miles from it. And the people LOVE to have their pictures taken with vistors.