Saturday, October 11, 2008

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party

The wild woman turned 3 last Saturday and today was her party at little gym. She had a great time and loved having all her friends in one room.

Every picture I took in the gym looks the blurry. The kids never stopped moving. I bet some parents got a good nap time today.

Yes there was an outfit change between gym and the cake. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I told him it's like the Emmy's, the host has a costume change at the commercial break. She won't let me do this for long and I'm going to get as much pink and ruffles in as I can. I purchased the dress and headband at the Edina Art Fair this spring. The skirt is so cute with the loose rose petals inside and Addison actually kept the headband on. I can't wait to watch the video Tim took. When they put the cake in front of her she kept licking her lips. She is such a little Princess. She sat up on the step and all the kids were giving her gifts like the Queen of England and her subjects. Next she be talking about herself in third person. "Mommy we are not amused!"


Grandma Jan said...

I hate when I do that - leave a comment at the wrong post. But I do love Addison's party - her outfits are adorable.
Why do I comment? I love to leave comments for adorable children photos and events.

Addy's aunt said...

She is looking more like her mommy everyday. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful niece! Squeeze a thigh for me.

Kim Atwood said...

She is totally adorable and looks so proper! The kids and I miss you all so much. Send me your address again so we can get her highness’ surprises out there to her and her Queen Mum!