Monday, October 27, 2008


It's only Oct. right? Why does it feel like Dec.? Yes that's snow on my patio furniture. All day Sunday it snowed, not only snow but wind blowing it sideways. It was a hot mess (or cold mess). I went to Target in the middle of this mess and the place was packed. Here I was pushing my cart full of grocerys to the back of the parking lot with snow being blown in my face at 60 mph. I hate snow, I hate cold, and this is only the start. Soon everyone will go into hibernation and you won't see neighbors for months.

I do have a huge pile of projects to work on this winter thanks to Scrapfest and CKC. Hopefully being snowed in will get me caught up.

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chillin' in IN said...

IF ONLY!!! From what I understand, no snow in Tennessee. It will kill me. You know how I am about snow! I guess maybe we should switch states! ;)