Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by Jan (from one of my ATC swap groups) at The Many Musings of Grandma Jan to share Christmas Traditions in your family. This one made me think.

When we lived back home we went in the morning (after presents) to our friends the Norman's to fry turkeys and get together with other friends. We had a brunch potluck that was out of the world. Cheese ball, shrimp cocktail, quiche, lots or mimosas and eggnog. It was a fun start to the day. By the time we left to go to my family's with the turkey we would be so stuffed we didn't want to think about having to eat again. We would open gifts with my family then gorge ourselves again.

Now that we are in MN it's just the three of us. We have gone to the Macy's display both years now. This years theme was A Day in the Life of an Elf.
Sis waiting in line to get in.

This is my kind of menu.

Mail being delivered to the North Pole.

Goodies in the bakery.

The Workshop.

I also try to get Addison's picture taken with Santa every year even though she hates it. I still have not done that this year. AHHHHHHHHH! and the kids are out of school now so the mall will be packed. Here's hoping I get there.


Grandma Jan said...

Love it. Happy that you shared. The baked goods look awesome.

big sis said...

You mean your favorite tradition wasn't your overly anxious rear getting your sister up at the butt crack of dawn? Might I mention that was AFTER you already scouted out the wares!

My sis' piggys are getting so long. I want to pull one so badly right now it is killing me! Happy snow!