Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Halloween Skeleton

Guess where I spent my morning? That's right, the emergency room. I guess we are lucky to have made it 3 years without a trip.

So here's the story. I was "trying" to get Addison and myself ready to go to her OT appt. She climbed onto the ledge of the bathtub and I told her to get down and come get her teeth brushed. When I turned my back, THUD! She fell into the tub and started screaming and holding her shoulder. Yep, you guessed it; she broke her collar bone. The Dr. said it's a easy bone to break. Only 5 lbs of pressure will do it. They gave her a sling. The nurse called it her arm purse. My husband said it probably cost more than a Coach purse. She's on Loratab and a little goofy. This means no little gym for 2 -4 weeks. She's going to hate it. I just hope she feels better by Friday so she can do a little trick-or-treating. Well, I guess I will be home more than I thought this week. Unfortunately I still won't be getting anything done.

How to get ready for a Royal Ball (according to Addison)

1. Put on you make-up.

2. A little lip stick.

3. Put on your glass slippers.

4. Call your princess friends.

5. Your ready for the Ball.

Monday, October 27, 2008


It's only Oct. right? Why does it feel like Dec.? Yes that's snow on my patio furniture. All day Sunday it snowed, not only snow but wind blowing it sideways. It was a hot mess (or cold mess). I went to Target in the middle of this mess and the place was packed. Here I was pushing my cart full of grocerys to the back of the parking lot with snow being blown in my face at 60 mph. I hate snow, I hate cold, and this is only the start. Soon everyone will go into hibernation and you won't see neighbors for months.

I do have a huge pile of projects to work on this winter thanks to Scrapfest and CKC. Hopefully being snowed in will get me caught up.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Decked Out for Halloween

This is my super fast spider shadow box I made for my ATC group project last month. These are so fast a simple to make. I got the Martha S. boxes on clearance at Micheals months ago. $3 each, got to love it. The paper is MS from last Halloween, spider punch is MS. I also added some black bling around the front.

The Boo banner was a free projects at the Little Yellow Bicycle kick off crop from Scrapfest.

I made the wall hanging from a MM kit at got at Target the day after Halloween last year (1/2 price). I used some ribbon I had to hang them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What do I have to do to get you people to leave a comment?

OK, I know your looking but you never comment. What do I have to do people? Tell me what makes you comment on a blog (the project, blog candy, a wild hair?).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Thank You Notes

I was up until the wee hours last night working on Thank You notes. The cupcake stamp is from Stampin Up: Simple Birthday Thanks. These went together easily. I matched the color off the Little Mermaid box of crayons. I punched a hole through the card and the crayon box and tied them together with ribbon. I made labels to seal the bags with stamps from A Muse. The boys crayon boxes were covered with Stampin Up paper: Jersey Shore. Addison and I walked the neighborhood handing out thank yous. She liked it but it was so cold. Hard to think we will snow in a month.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party

The wild woman turned 3 last Saturday and today was her party at little gym. She had a great time and loved having all her friends in one room.

Every picture I took in the gym looks the blurry. The kids never stopped moving. I bet some parents got a good nap time today.

Yes there was an outfit change between gym and the cake. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I told him it's like the Emmy's, the host has a costume change at the commercial break. She won't let me do this for long and I'm going to get as much pink and ruffles in as I can. I purchased the dress and headband at the Edina Art Fair this spring. The skirt is so cute with the loose rose petals inside and Addison actually kept the headband on. I can't wait to watch the video Tim took. When they put the cake in front of her she kept licking her lips. She is such a little Princess. She sat up on the step and all the kids were giving her gifts like the Queen of England and her subjects. Next she be talking about herself in third person. "Mommy we are not amused!"

Birthday Party Favors

Well this is why I haven't blogged in awhile. Addison's 3rd Birthday Party! I'm sure everyone that knows me is happy it's over so they don't have to hear me talk about favors for another year. This took me 2 weeks of working nights to get all this stamping done and now I need to start on Thank You notes.

Addison wanted a Little Mermaid party so I thought pirates kind of go with mermaids so that's what I went with for the boys. The little boy pirate is Cats Pajamas and I put the childs name on the other side. So what's the benefit to all this extra work. Well, what you do is have the birthday kid pass them out and say their thank yous, then you know everyone was properly thanked. The girls had Ariel tags (stamp from Target) with their name and monogram on the back.
So what's in the bag? The tins I made below and: Boys - pirate money, eye patch, map, kaleidoscope, and a suction ball. Girls - Ariel ring & stickers

Now for the favor tins. Girls are Lily from Pink Cat, border from Gina K., Paper & Ribbon - Stampin Up, Markers - stampin Up & Copic. Spica glitter pen. JustRite Stampers Monogram Stamper . Filled with nails, lip gloss, and a bracelet.
Boys are Billy from Pink Cat, the rest is the same as the girls. Filled with sea animals.
Yes I also made 2 Michigan tins for 2 of the boys that we know are fans. I couldn't help myself. My husband is the one that came up with the idea. Good job Babe.

The pirate chest is a box from Micheals my friend (Thanks Ina) had in her to be altered box. I spray painted it gold and glued the jewels on. I think I'm going to use it for a potty training prize box. I filled it with candy, beads, and gold coins.