Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day

I have to explain the picture with the fingers in the ears.

Conversations with a 3 year old.

Addison with fingers in ears: "Mommy I can't hear you."

Mommy: "You can't?"

Addison: "I can't hear you."

Mommy: "Do you want a popsicle?"

Addison: "Yes!"


Big Sis said...

That's my niece! Falls for it just like her mom used to. LOL

Tami Wood said...

ytotally cute but where are the new TGF cards. I wanted two!!! I totally love this company and how fun are they to color. I am in heaven and this is my new favorite company and its ALL your faulth MISS HOT dish or is it MESS!!!??? Have a super weekend.

Tami Wood said...

Hey BIG sis and I am SO sorry for my typos. Its late and I'm weary. That's my excuse. I am so embarrassed. Hate typos. can you edit it??? Hee hee. I can't wait to finish off my first card Little Miss Mermaid. Nursie is next.

Heidi Brawley said...

That is too funny! I so can relate to this. I have a 3 yr old now too!!! I am new to your blog and went thru the whole blog!! Way cute! Love all your creations. I just recently made an Anya mermaid card for my 3 yr old. Orig. her party was suppposed to be the Little Mermaid. But on taking her to the party store she changed it on me to PUPPIES!!! It was fun but a couple months before that I had a handmade Little Mermaid dress made for her! So she wore it for her 3yr old portraits but not to the party. We were thinking of having her wear it for Easter too but a sister in law bought her a matching dress to her cousin. Oh well.... Keep up the great work!!