Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bear with me.

Besides being sick with a sinus infection (Tis the season!) I am having some computer issues. I turned my poor ancient beast on last night and got nothing but a black screen. Next to cable the Internet is probably the 2ND most important piece of equipment in my house. I could live a few days without a washer or oven but not TV or the web. Keep in mind we just got our big TV (only 3 years old) fixed which cost almost as much as the TV. This caused major stress in our house due to my husband being in my space and not his man cave where he belongs (I say that in a loving way of course). So what's going to break next? It always happens in 3's. I wager something on the van since I just went over 30,000 miles. Anyway, I spent 4 hours restoring my computer last night. I had to reload every piece of software we had. I lost all my favorites on the Internet (AHHHHHHHH!). Thankfully I had just had the last 2 months worth of photos printed and saved to disc. I'm sure that more is missing (like my ITunes). We will just have to wait and see if my poor PC makes it or if this is the beginning of the end. If I go missing you know why.

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