Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farm Fresh Friday Challenge

This Fridays challenge is to use 3 TGF stamps. I sure hope this qualifies since technically it's 2 stamps. To make the tiger I used the lion and cut off the main. I've been waiting to use this paper and when I saw the number 3 in the challenge this popped in my head. I love Wizard of Oz so it's not really that weird. So what do you think of my crazy read and green tiger? I was nervous to have to hand draw the stripes myself but it really was very easy. I had to add the Oh My! inside, just couldn't resist. What occasion would you use this for? Do you make a lot of non-occasion themed cards too? Wow, I'm full of questions tonight. I sure hope it qualifies for the challenge. The prize is 3 Anya Stamps of your choice! I would be in HEAVEN!


Big Sis said...

I likey!

WickedPixie said...

What a great card! I love the layout and papers! You are so clever in making the tiger! I had never thought of that and I love altering images! I make cards all of the time that are just to say "hello" to someone, not for any specific occasion. I think those are usually the most fun! And yours certainly is a lot of fun! :-) Traci