Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Craft Loft - Part 3

Please tell me you all have as much paper as I do. I even go through it every year and get rid of a good 18 inches worth at least. Do you think I need therapy? When we moved in this closet had sliding wood doors (they were the first thing to go). I cover up my mess with the pink curtains I hung. So here we go top to bottom. Top shelf has back issues of craft magazines, idea books, binders of ATC's, boxes labels by holiday for specific embellishments and such, fall and Xmas paper. Second shelf down is more paper (mostly DCWV stacks), albums and projects to be started, some 6X6 paper pads, a basket full of border punches, and more ribbon. The third shelf down has surprise! more paper in cropper hopper storage. I sort by color, theme, "new" stuff I look through first, papertrey, stampin up, then stampin up 8 1/2 x 11, and other 8 1/2 X11. On the bottom middle is a cabinet with finished albums and boxes of photos and frames. All my crop bags and such are on one side of the cabinet. On the other side are 2 drawers one with my light box, templates, and lots of misc. stuff I never use. The next drawer is full of my back up supply of adhesives. We could have a nuclear war and I would not run out of adhesive (I buy a lot when its on sale). The large pink box is all Halloween supplies. Why so much Halloween? I just really like Halloween. The next two boxes are overfull of Papertrey paper, buttons, and ribbon. I don't know why but I find myself hording it like it's gold. On the floor is a purple bucket full of unfinished projects from classes and crops. If they don't get finished soon I may have to get rid of them. Oh and my stool so I can reach the stuff on the top shelves. I'm a shorty.
This metal drawer unit is form Ikea ($40). It holds all my art supplies. In the picture it looks like it only have 4 drawers but it really has 6 drawers. All my reinkers, Tim Holtz ink, embossing powder, glitter, chalks, water color paints, stampin up makers, misc. other markers and pens, color pencils, etc. fit like a glove inside.

I found this ink pad holder on ebay years ago. It was unfinished so I painted it green. Everyone that comes in my room asks were I got it. It holds my stampin up, papertrey, and other misc. pads.

Believe it or not, you haven't seen it all. More to come, stay tuned.

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Tami Wood said...

Erin you crack me up. I wish my house was as organized as your room. I hear you on the brass stencils and light boxes (I have 3)! Oh I won't even talk about paper. Its all sick, just sick. A sickness!! Tell me why we keep sh** we will never use?? WHY???