Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Minnesota State Fair

Sorry I've been absent then past few days. Sick again with another sinus infection. Here's my tip of the day, if you take pseudoephedrine you need to eat something. I learned that the hard way today. Otherwise you will end up dizzy, unable to stand, breaking out in a sweat, and dry heaving. Lovely picture isn't it.

Anyway, on to fair. We moved to MN 2 years ago and this is the first time we have been to the state fair. The weather was great so it was very busy. They have a birthing barn you can watch calves and sheep being born in. We saw Minnesota's largest boar, Deano weighing in at 1310 lbs. You can't go to the fair without getting a bucket of Sweet Martha's Cookies. Addison like the butterfly house since you really get to hold the butterflies.

Hopefully I start feeling better soon and can get back to crafting.

The scales of justice


Big Sis said...

Awesome pics. Love the last one. Give Sis big kisses from Mimi and Uncle Jeff. Miss you!

Big Sis said...

PS... Jeff said thanks for the sinus infection that you mailed here. He's assuming you attached it to the magazine he's been reading.