Saturday, October 31, 2009

RIP Sweet Kissy Boy

Today my husband lost is best friend, his 10 year old black lab Morgan. Have you ever read the book or seen the movie Marley & Me? That was Morgan, a crazy, naughty, eating machine. He was Tim's constant companion. The moment he walked in the door from work Morgan's face would light up. He would go running to the door jumping up and down. Morgan was always the first to be greeted by Tim, everyone else could wait. Morgan was a little goofy too. I've never meet a lab before that didn't like to be outside. If it wasn't climate controlled he didn't want anything to do with it. He also wouldn't jump into the water. Loved to swim, just wouldn't jump from a dock like most Labs. He loved FOOD! Like most flabradores he had a one track mind. He would do anything for food. He once got on the stove and pulled and entire meatloaf still hot from the oven down and ate the whole thing in seconds. It was pretty impressive. He also was addicted to raw hide. He got one after dinner every night like clockwork. If you ran out you may as well get in the car and go to the store. He wasn't going to let you have any rest until he got one.

To make a long story short, he started having heart problems. Wednesday he started the bad cough again so we took him to the vet on Thursday. The vet wanted to do a belly tap but found a large tumor in his spleen instead. They sent him home with pain meds. and instructions to give him anything he wanted and to keep him comfortable. By last night his belly was filling with fluid and he was in a constant pant. Tim took him in first thing this morning.
He will be greatly missed. He was how my husband and I meet (walking our dogs). He was our child before children. He was our Kissy Boy, our Morgey McButter, our Buddy. Rest in peace sweet Kissy, we will miss your puddle of drool on the floor next to the dinner table, your soft triangles (ears), and the unbelievable amount of hair I have cleaned up over the years.


Big Sis said...

Mom and I are sitting here with tears welled up in our eyes. I'm so glad we got to see him before he left this earth. Remember that his body was just a vessel while he was on this earth with us but his soul lives on eating diapers and anything else he could find in the trash can or steal off of your plate. RIP, Morgan... you were part of our family! (Give Tim our condolences as well.)

Amy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Erin, it's heartbreaking whenever we lose one of our furry friends.

Donna said...

Oh man, that's hard. It is so tough to lose a furry friend. I am so sorry.

Love the new look of the blog! WOW!

Your Mom has a birthday on Hallow's eve, my Mom and Dad married on Halloween! Today is 50 Years.

Mary said...

Erin, I am so sorry for all of you. I know Morgan will always be a part of you all.

Grandma Jan said...

Sorry for the lose of the furry friend. They are such great company.

I love what you have done to your blog. Really sharpens it up and looks so festive for Fall.

Tami said...

sorry for your loss erin.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

I am so very sad for your family. I know how this feels and there just aren't words for it. So sorry. Sending hugs.

Anonymous said...


Ann just gave me your blog address. In reading through it and enjoying the wonderful cards. Then a note of sadness catches me and I am misty thinking of my own dear cat of 14 years. They do become our children.
I am so sorry for the loss of your great companion!
He was blessed to have such loving parents.