Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crazy 4 Challenges Sketch 17

Another sketch challenge, but this time from C4C.
I did get to sleep in today. Boy did I need it. We made Hello Kitty Fortune Cookies (one of Addison's Christmas gifts from a friend). Then we went sledding. She's a big chicken about everything so she didn't like the big hill at the park. Once we walked back home I took her in our front yard on the small hill. She liked that but it wasn't packed down. That makes it much harder to walk out of. I took down ALL my Christmas decorations. I couldn't take the clutter any longer. I may go to The Container Store tomorrow. I should stay away from that place, it's so pricey. I usually just get ideas but I'm after something specific tomorrow. I love all the organization stuff. I think I subconsciously want to have a house that looks like Martha Stewart's (that will never happen). I have 2 more challenges to work on and another will come out tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some play time also.


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That is so the look on her face.