Thursday, December 17, 2009

School Christmas Party

Today was Addison's first school Christmas party. She dressed up and had her hair curled at Chez Beautay (that's our pretend salon). She was so excited to give her teachers their gifts. We had a great time decorating her gingerbread house. I have to admit I kind of took over the candy placement. This is the reason we don't do abrakadoodle class anymore, I can't control myself when it comes to craft projects. We finished the house and were admiring our work when I noticed the other kids houses. You see their mothers aren't OCD. They actually let their children decorate the house themselves. The Horror! They had huge piles of icing smeared everywhere and candy all over. Addison's house had a door with knob, windows, shingles with trim, and candy cane corners. Sorry Sis, your stuck with me. Some day you will do the same thing to your kids, it's genetic.


Big Sis said...

Addison did a really nice job on her house. LOL You're right, it's genetic. I do the same thing!

She looks like a precious little candy cane in her dress. Tell her Aunt Mimi loves her.

Grandma Jan said...

Hilarious! But the house is adorable. She'll just have to live with the fact that her mom is so creative. She doesn't have a chance.

Donna said...

So Cute!