Sunday, January 10, 2010


I finally finished the 4 8X8 albums for my family. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Now all I need to do is box them up and get to the post office. Hate to think what that's going to cost. Is it just me or does postage seem to get more and more expensive? Next order of business is to work on my next Greetings Farm class at Smudges. I scanned the pages and will post them once I know they have received them. I wouldn't want my crappy scanner scare them about what they are getting.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. We didn't do much outside the house. We did go to the mall Saturday morning. Tim wanted to get me a back massage chair for my birthday (my back always hurts). We found one a deep discount at GNC. Well it works a little to well. I woke up this morning and have a bruise on my spine. Made be a should read the manual, I'm sure I am doing something wrong.

So you may be wondering what this picture has to do with anything. I just hate to post anything without a picture. This is from one of Addison's dress up sessions last week. Girl is workin her outfit.


Big sis said...

LOL. She is such a mess!

Grandma Jan said...

I'm with you. I always need a photo for my blog post. Although it doesn't always happen.