Monday, March 22, 2010

OCD at it's best

Look what I did with my The Greeting Farm stamps. I got these cases from Stampin Up (they are in the spring mini). They are a perfect fit and no more trying not to rip the plastic bag they came in. I spent an evening with my trusty label maker and a la peanut butter sandwiches I have the best organized TGF stamps in town.

Question of the day: Who said "a la peanut butter sandwiches"? Don't cheat and go look it up.


WickedPixie said...

That quote is definitely from my first Vampire love - The Count from Sesame Street!!

I have all of mine stored in CD cases on laminated cardstock pieces (because I read that the plastic on the CD cases themselves will break down the cling over time), labeled with their name and a number, and stored in a CD rack. Then I have a binder with the stamps stamped out and the corresponding number is on the page so I can find the CD easily. Yep, OCD much? :-)Traci

margie c said...

The Count!!! He was my fave ;)

Awesome storage! I have all of mine in a huge box for now, but I really love the look of these!

TFS! Happy Monday!
hugs, margie

Big Sis said...

Wasn't it Mumfred the Magician? I think that was his name. I knwo it was on Sesame Street!
I see your OCD trait is working overtime!

Fran said...

Yeah, it was definitly Mumford the magician, I say it to my kids sometimes, whenever I need a magic word, I had a good giggle when I saw you say it, lol. I don't think he is on Sesame Street anymore, it's a shame som of the old chracters I grew up with are now gone.
Love the boxes, I have mine in a foldr but this is a much better idea!!

Mary Giles (OhioMary) said...

This is exactly what I'm doing with my stamps too. I order a bunch of these from SU. The label maker idea is a good one. As mine aren't labeled yet.