Friday, May 28, 2010

Bad Stamper, Bad Bad Stamper

I know, I know, I've been a bad stamper lately. There just hasn't been any time to craft. Woe is me. So I will tell you the very glamorous story of why I've had no time this week. For those of you that know me personally know that I have a 4 year old that suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE). (Say that 3 times fast, I dare you.) Along with all the eating issues it causes it also causes bowel problems. We have been having problems again for about 2 months now. So I got her into the GI doctor on Monday. She touched her stomach one time and said "Oh ya, she's full of it." Now I'm the first to admit my kid is full of s@#t most of the time, but now I have it from a medical professional. So the cure for this ongoing (or not going) problem, a complete bowel clean out just like a colonoscopy prep. Since she has a feeding tube we don't have to make her drink that awful stuff but put it in her tube. I know a feeding tube sounds like a terrible thing but sometimes it's very handy. I never have to fight her to take meds at least. I started her last night on the liquid plumber. Nothing happened all night. First thing this morning her stomach started rumbling. Then the eagle landed, OMG! How can a little body hold so much? I deserve some kind of Mom medal for what I had to clean up. She just kept saying, "Mom, my butt exploded". So this is my glamorous life for the next few days, a literal s@$t storm. Your jealous, right?

On a different note, I did snap a picture of my iris's that are in full bloom. Momma brought all the bulbs from Indiana. I wondered if they would survive a Minnesota winter (and my black thumb) but they did great.Wednesday night I got together with friends at Lauri's house and played. Here are my leaf prints and some Tjaps stamping.
I will have something new for you tomorrow, this weeks Oh, Alice challenge. Come back to see me.


VĂ©ro said...

Good job Erin!I love your card for the challenge "Oh Alice"!It's wonderfull.This stamp is so cute!
I think you're a courageous mother and I hope your child will get better.

Donna said...

Erin, by now I hope Sweet Pea is feeling a little less bloated and Mom is done with the s*@#. I have been a bad blog reader. Looks like you guys had fun. hope all is well or at least better!