Sunday, May 30, 2010

A trip to the Minneapolis Farmers Market

I think it's finally summer in Minnesota. This weekend was our first trip to the farmers market for the season. The crowds were out in full force. The flowers and produce were unbelievable as always. Purchased some great brats from an Amish farmer, and cheese from our favorite guys from Wisconsin (Mmmm, smoked string cheese), and I can't forget the honey sticks Sis loves. We made fresh asparagus for dinner tonight and she actually liked it. She got her favorite, corn on the cob. I had to snap this picture in front of these beautiful red radishes. There were several musicians playing for tips.
Flowers were everywhere. It is just now warm enough here to plant anything.

Huge bunches of green onions at a booth.

The market is massive and a lot to take in. Veggies, fruit, organic farmers, farm raised meats, fabulous cheese from the dairies in Wisconsin, artisan breads, homemade jams, chocolates, and salsas. If your not a cook it will make you want to be one. There are also many booths with goods from around the world (I found the Asian swimsuits quite interesting).

Spent way to much money on flowers for the house, but my porch looks much more inviting now. I even got a sweet basil plant in the hopes to make caprese salad later in the season.