Thursday, June 3, 2010

A silhouette of Sweet Pea

For those of you that haven't noticed we refer to my daughter as Sweet Pea or Pea for short. It just kind of fits her. She is very petite and has a contagious smile. When I was browsing my daily blogs I saw this silhouette project on Papertrey's blog. It was so simple I had to try it. I used an exacto to cut mine out and it's quite small (wallet sized) so my corners could be smoother. My husband knew it was Pea immediately so I will take that as a success. I was waiting for some weird answer from him like it was a Rorschach Test.Today I took a last day of school picture to compare to the first day. Time does fly and little ones do grow, even little Peas.
First Day of School - Sept. 2009

Last Day of School - June 2010


Donna said...

You can see she has grown into a sweeter pea! The tree in the background grew 2.

You did a great job on the silhouette, it looks like her.

Grandma Jan said...

Turn around and they grow up. She is so cute.