Monday, July 26, 2010

Excuses Excuses

So here are my excuses for not having anything new to show you today.

Take a 3 and 4 year old to lunch at McDonald's, the Minnesota Children's Museum, and Candyland.
Back home to do the shopping for the weekend events.

Up early and out the door.  Must get to blueberry patch early before they are all gone.
Fast stop at Dunn Brothers for coffee and a donut for Sis.  Drive to Wisconsin.  Pick blueberries.
Back on the road to do a little letterboxing.  See a red tailed hawk. 
Shop the little stores in Maiden Rock and Stockholm.
Get some super yummy pie and a savory pie at the Stockholm Pie Company.
Have a picnic by Lake Pepin, see a bald eagle.

Drive to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum to pick up a few more Little House books for Sis.
Drive out to the old school house in Pepin.  Addison catches her second frog of the day.
More driving to do some more letterboxing.  Visit a town celebrating UFO Days.  Which appeared to be an excuse for the town beer pong tournament.
Drive back to MN exhausted.

Go to the beach in Prior Lake
Back home to get ready to take Sis to Toy Story 3.
Stop at Walgreens to load up on candy before the movie.
See Toy Story 3 and eat junk.
Back home to nurse my sunburn from the beach.
Make a blueberry crumble with our fresh blueberries.

Clean the house that is covered in blueberry, wet swim suits, and everything else in the world.

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