Monday, August 16, 2010

A little help from my friends

I need some help.  My husbands cousin is taking her final vows to become a nun and I need a card.  What is an appropriate sentiment for such an event?  Anyone know of any free digi's that would work?  I'm completely lost on this one.  I'm not Catholic so I asked my mother-in-law, but she was having the same trouble.  Did Emily Post write any does and don'ts for the occasion?  Hubby said to make an Anya look like a nun.  I'm not sure I'm that good at altering yet.


Anonymous said...

How about:

Congrats on achieving a dream?
We're so proud of you?
Congrats on your new path?
You make the world a better place?

Flowers are always a good idea for something like this. Alhtough I'm always down for an Anya.

Good Luck

Big Sis said...

Starting a new habit? LOL