Monday, August 16, 2010

Those Darn Scrapbook Pages

I promised myself to get back to my scrapbooking that is way behind.  Well here is my first attempt. 

Not so great are they.  My brain is so wired for cards that it's hard to go back to this big 12 X 12 area.  I just sit and stare at the pages.  So do you have any advise for me?  What should I do to help these poor sad pages?

Now for some random bitching and moaning.  I just received my daughters school supply list in the mail on Saturday.  Last year all they ask for was some snack time supplies like plates and crackers.  This year I got a LIST.  Now my daughter is in Pre-school.  That means she is there 8 hours a week.  Does she really need 8 glue sticks.  I get the ream of paper, but a ream of cardstock per child.  Come on now, my kid is not using a ream of cardstock.  Who exactly am I supplying with cardstock here?  And the brand specific items.  It must be an 8 oz bottle of ELMER'S GLUE!  Well you what, I got 2 - 4oz. bottles for .25 each, instead of the $1.54 for the 8 oz. bottle.  Does it really matter what brand of glue or paint it is.  They are in pre-school, I'm sure any glue will work for googly eyes and glitter.  They aren't building an ark to sail across the lake here.  Well it took most of the day Sunday but I got everything on the list.  5 stores (yes 5) and at the last I saw a mother holding the same list looking as frazzled as me.  She saw the cardstock in my hands and let loose.  "Are you a insert pre-school name here mom too?"  she asked.  "Oh, your doing the list too." I said.  "I refuse to buy $6 cardstock, that's crazy." she says.  Then I helped her go down the list and told her what items don't even exists.  Like the 8 count of Pip Squeak Crayola Markers (brand specific again).  THERE IS NO 8 COUNT OF PIP SQUEAK MARKERS, THEY ONLY COME IN A 16 COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!  They also put the cardstock should be a 500 count ream.  NO SUCH THING!!  By the time I left I needed a fix and stopped at DQ for some raspberry lemonade.  Waited behind a car that had ordered food for the entire Vikings Football Team, finally got to the window, and guess what?  We are all out of raspberries.  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Just forget it, I'm going home!

I feel better now, thanks.


Danni said...

I think these are adorable! I keep telling myself to sit and scrap but those stamps and cards always call me! Yay for getting some pages done!

Big Sis said...

Well now!!! Do you feel 15 pounds lighter? Sharon Elem. was the same way down to "Ziploc" bags! I love the boys new school. It just said "sandwich bags." Didn't even care if you got 25 or 150.

Thought the pages were adorable. Quit discounting yourself; you are very talented!