Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Weekend & A Even Busier Week

I will more than likely not have many cards to show this week.  I have family coming to visit, Junk Bonanza, and Scrapfest all this week. 

Here is a few photos from our weekend.  Saturday morning Pea's pre-school had a petting zoo.  She had a good time getting together with her class friends from last year.

Who says happy cows come from California?
Pea also went to a birthday party for a friend at a skating rink.  It was her first time on ice skates.  The poor thing has inherited my grace.

She was on the ice a grand total of about 15 minutes.

I will try to post lots of pics from Scrapfest and Junk Bonanza.


meme said...

Love Pea with the cow! Such a cute picture. Maybe I will see you around this week!

Big Sis said...

Good luck with the family this week. Indiana just won't be the same without them! hee hee

Great picture of Sis with the cow. One word for you... "Myou" (said Donald Duck style)