Friday, September 10, 2010

Pea's First Day of School

Today was Pea's first day of school.  It was much easier on me this year since we have done this all before.  No crying or separation anxiety (for me, not her).  When I picked her up this afternoon I asked "So was the first day of school good?"  She said, "No, it was wonderful."  Let's hope it continues this way.  I noticed that her class has a lot of boys.  She said there are only 4 girls (not sure if that's right or not).  She has already made a new "boy" friend that was sitting a little to close to her on the bench.  Watch it mister, that's my baby your cuddling up to!
Pea with her new teacher (Ms. B. in green) and the most wonderful teachers assistant in the world (Ms. E in brown).


Tracey Feeger said...

Oh isn't she just the cutest. I can't wait until my first goes to school next year.

Lynne Phelps said...

She is the most darling little girl I've ever seen! Love those curly pigtails! Hope YOU got through the day ok with your little sweet Pea gone to school!

Big Sis said...

Awwww.... a quiet house... BLISS! Love you, Pea!