Monday, September 6, 2010

Third Post of the Day: Minnesota State Fair

This is my 3rd post today, so scroll down to see more new stuff.

The baby piglets in the Miracle of Birth building.  Pea wanted to take them home.  They are really cute when they are this small.
View from the ferris wheel.  Tim took Pea for her first ride.  She loved it.
Hotdish on a Stick:  It's Minnesota, what can I say.
The fair is know for having everything on a stick.  I took a picture of every sign I saw with something on a stick.  I have 19 different foods on a stick pictures.  They will make a cute scrapbook collage.
Reggie is a big boy!  The largest in Minnesota, 1450 lbs.
Pea found the pigs running around very funny.  She would yell "Pig on the loose".
Petting a nice cow.
The sea of people.
Corn on the Cob (again)
Butterfly House
So my kid that doesn't eat anything had:  part of 3 corn dogs, pork chop on a stick, corn on the cob, fried alligator with alligator shaped fries, Sweet Martha's cookies, a chocolate covered strawberry, cotton candy, chocolate milk and lemonade.


meme said...

I LOVE corn on the cob! Good company......

Big Sis said...

She's so beautiful!