Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holidazzle, a Blizzard, and more Christmas Cookies

It has been a busy weekend for us.  It started Friday night with a trip on the train to downtown Minneapolis.  Target puts on the Holidazzle Parade every year.  Pea likes getting to ride the train as much as seeing the parade.
It was cold but not windy.  I couldn't feel my fingers by the end.  The hot chocolate a vendor was selling was lukewarm.  Good thing the parade isn't very long.  Dinner was popcorn and a entire bag of cotton candy for Pea.
What's coming now?
Wizard of Oz!
Just about the time we got home the snow started.  It snowed for almost 24 hours straight.  If you haven't seen the news today it collapsed the roof of the Metrodome.  Go watch the video, it's pretty cool.  We got about 18 inches here. 

So what do you do when your snowed in at Christmas time.  You make more cookies.
We made peanut brittle, yellow cake cookies, chocolate gooey butter cookies, and Hersey hugs melted in the center of a round pretzel with a M&M on top (don't have a name for these).
See the hole were the microwave was?  That's the other thing we did this weekend, get a new microwave.  Can you believe that wallpaper was in the kitchen when we moved in?  It's so bad, I forgot how bad until we took the old microwave down. 
This morning all was calm but very cold outside.
Lots of snow blowers running.
In this next one you can't even tell where the sidewalk is, and it had been cleaned off on Saturday.
Pea and Lutefisk didn't mind being stuck inside.

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Grandma Jan said...

Warm and cozy. Good for you. We certainly did get the snow, didn't we. Too bad about the metrodome.