Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to Scrapbooking Again

I've been a bad blogger the past week.  I have been crafting but making scrapbook pages instead of cards.  I want to refocus on my scrapbooking this year and try to get caught up.  Then maybe get to the stack of unfinished projects that haunt me until I give up and get rid of them.  Until I have more cards to show I will try to fill in with a scrapbook page.

This is what happens when you leave my husband unattended with temporary tattoos.  Like the tramp stamp?  My poor baby.


Meme said...

Sorry Erin, this is really cute!
Great job!

Sure miss ATC!

the whimsical butterfly said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 2nd-omg I'd have freaked but your layout was a GREAT idea to showcase it!!!

Lynne Phelps said...

WOW, I would have freaked out too, but it is funny! Poor dad, hope the doghouse is comfy! With such great layouts, filling in with scrapbook pages is a wonderful choice. What a great layout! I need this kind of inspiration - I don't scrap at all but I'd like to work up to mini-book level soon, LOL!

Tasha said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Erin! Hope you were spoilt rotten.
Gosh i would have totally freaked! I love the page and the lettering is awesome
love tasha xx

Ann Leek said...

Too funny, and soooo Tim.