Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Scrapbook Page

Sorry for being a bad blogger.  My 5 year old came home from school last week with a stomach bug and decided she needed to share it with me.  I spent Friday night and the entire weekend in bed or on the couch.  I'm a big slug and didn't get anything accomplished so now I'm really behind.  Then on Sunday we got 14 inches of snow, so I didn't go anywhere yesterday either.  I have a little cabin fever so I think we are headed to Target today.

So here is a scrapbook page to hold you over.


Lynne Phelps said...

Erin, I absolutely LOVE this layout! I had an easel and ADORED painting every chance I got! The wonderful patterns and colors are perfect. LOVE the faux white stitching around the edge. The coloring on the jar and brushes is wonderful! The half circle pennant banners are a wonderful finishing touch and I may be stealing that idea soon, it is CHARMING! The girls are the cutest!

Meme said...

This is such a neat scrapbook page. The colors the jar with paintbrushes adorable! Great job!!