Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bachman's Spring Ideas House

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember seeing pictures of the Bachman's Fall Ideas House (you can see them here).  I missed the Holiday house over the winter, but made it back just in time for the Spring house (tomorrow is the last day).  It's amazing to see what these talented designers come up with every season.  If you are in the Twin Cities area you should get tickets sometime.  It's a steal for only $5.  The Summer Ideas House opens May 26 -June 12.  You can get tickets here.

So hold on to your hats, this is a lot of photos.

Front Porch

Colored glass bottles turned into a handing ceiling fixture.
 Tin bathtub converted into coffee table/planter combo.

  Birdbath turned into side table in corner.

Dining Room

Decorative plates with mirrors used as wall collage.
 Table made from salvaged planks and porch posts.
 Decorative sugar bowls turned into hanging planters using vintage necklaces.


Metal workshop cabinet repuposed as kitchen island.
 Vintage silverware used as chandelier.

 Child's chairs repurposed as dog dishes.  (I Love This!)
 Egg holders turned into decorative wreaths.
 Salvaged wood drawers repurposed as wall shelving.

Living Room

 Salvaged round stained-glass window turned into coffee table.
 Iron fence panels used as a decorative fireplace screen.
 Vintage suitcase transformed into a side table.
 Salvaged fence and trim pieces turned into side tables.
Shutter turned into planter box.


Casket carrier turned into coffee table.  I love this table, but knew exactly what it was when I spotted it.  Kind of gives you the hebegebees.

 Vintage wall sinks repurposed into planters.


Pedestal sink repurposed as a planter.
 Assorted grates used as wall decor and photo holders.

Wood shoes turned into decorative accents.

Girl's Bedroom

Stool turned into nightstand.
 Wall accents created with crisscrossed ribbon.  Paper flowers on wall held with decorative thumbtacks.

 Sap buckets turned decorative wall bins for stuffed animals.

Boy's Bedroom

Globes cut in half to create pendant lights.  Salvaged wood pallets turned into a desk.  Pencils glued together to make a pencil caddy.
 Apple crates used for storage/display.  Pulleys used to hold crates.
 Potato basket light cover.  Barn wood turned into wall shelves and suspension bridge.
 Maps used as wallpaper.

Upper Level Bathroom

Towel holder repurposed as a vase hanger.
 Wood shoe forms used as wall hooks.

Master Bedroom

Vintage dress mounted on canvas as artistic wall decor.
 Headboard created with vintage ceiling tins.  Wire garden planters turned into nightstands.  Washtub stand used as footboard bench.  Vintage suitcase used for throw storage.

Scrapbooking Room

Light fixture made with vintage buttons and repurposed lamp cover.
Belts and decorative clips used as wall organizers. 
 Radiator cover turned into magnetic wall calendar.  Lunch boxes used as storage containers.
 Salvaged door and porch posts turned into worktable.  Fabric strips turned into curtain valance.
 Suitcase turned into organizer and crafting tote.
 Potting bench turned into a storage/work unit. 

 Floral vases turned into organizers and twine dispenser.
  Radiator cover turned into magnetic wall calendar.

 Flower bouquet made of sewing patterns.
 Cork added to window frames to create a bulletin board.  Flowers made from used baseballs.
 Love the pink file drawer.

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Lynne Phelps said...

You always have the most interesting posts and I love reading them! Thanks so much for sharing. I live in a really small Georgia town now after 25 years in New Orleans, so I LOVE seeing this kind of thing! What a lot of interesting ideas. But. . . I would not have recognized a casket carrier on sight, LOL!