Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrapping up, and starting again

It's been a busy past few weeks and doesn't show signs of stopping. 

We went camping at Split Rock two weekends ago.  Just like every camping trip we take, we planned on staying two nights and got rained out of one.  Friday was nice, and Pea and Bella enjoyed playing at Gooseberry Falls.
We had a usual campsite at Split Rock with the great view of the lighthouse.  It was very windy and a little cold. 
As always Bella enjoyed herself most and even almost caught a ground squirrel that was stealing food out of her bowl.
A true water dog, she doesn't care that the water is ice cold.
On a happy crafty note, I am now a certified Copic designer.  I took my first certification class last Thursday and hope to take the next level in Sept.  (Did you notice my fancy new blinkie on the blog sidebar?)  It was a great class taught by Debbie Olson and Lori Craig.  They were great teachers, went at the perfect pace, and very friendly and easy to talk to.  I highly recommend the class.

We worked outside on our landscaping this Saturday, and boy is my back talking to me.  We are moving all the rock out and going to put in mulch (if I make it that long).  We did get to the big farmers market in the city on Saturday and purchased lots of great flowers.  We still need a lot more.  Pea also decided she is now a hair dresser and cut her own hair yesterday.  Just in time for the pre-school graduation program!  When I asked her why she replied, "Because I wanted to and I didn't want to ask you for permission."  The teenage years are going to be fun.  Needless to say, I was the first person in Kids Hair when they opened up this morning.  Thankfully she didn't scalp herself and it could be saved.  Unthankfully my ponytail plans for swimming class this summer are done for.

This is our last week of Pre-school.  My baby will be going off to Kindergarten in the fall.  I'm sure I will be in a sobbing heap Thursday after graduation.  We have next week "off" so I'm planning on having a yard sale.  Then the summer starts, that means play group at the park, eco-camp, swim lessons, and mixed martial arts almost everyday.  My plan is to wear her out, but it usually is me that is worn out by the end of my day of taxi driving.  So all of you will understand why my blog suffers in the summer months.  In Minnesota you have to squeeze a lot of things into the few nice months we have before the snow starts in October and we all turn into hermits again.

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