Friday, July 29, 2011

Copic Marker Box

My Pixie Dust team mate Terri posted on her blog how to make an awesome Copic storage box.  You can see her instructions here.  I ran to Home Depot to get everything today.  I had to change the materials list a bit to work with what I could find. 
I used:
ArtBin Double Deep Box 
florescent light cover (mine is by Lithonia Lighting)
4  1/4 in. X 5 carriage bolts
16 3/8in. washers
4 1/4 in. nuts
4 1/4in. cap nuts
8 1in. long 1/2: OD nylon spacers

Isn't it pretty!


Minnesota Musings said...

Love it. Great idea.

Meme said... I just need the copics!

Lynne Phelps said...

Way to go Erin! I have one of these boxes, but I only have about 200 Sketch markers. Only 200, haha! A year or so ago if you told me I'd have that many markers I would have thought you were insane, LOL! But I keep thinking what would I do with the rest of the holes. . . like almost a 160 of them! Maybe I can make a partial filler that leaves about a fourth of the box open for other items! Your box looks awesome and it is really different looking from Terri's with the colored case instead of clear.

Barbara Jay said...

Thanks Erin for showing your case with the alternate supplies. I bought the box and just need to get the supplies to assemble. It will help to have alternate supplies in case I can't find exactly what Terri used.

Cheryl O said...

This looks so easy, did you have to alter it in any way? I didn't understand Teri's instructions about cutting a notch in the back??? You don't mention that, so did you have any issues? I want to make this so bad, but don't know if I'm handy enough to get through it, yet it looks so simple!

Erin said...

I didn't have to cut any notches. There was no problem fitting it in the the box.

Lora Brinkman said...

how many markers does this hold? I kee toying with the idea.

Erin said...

About 357 as long as you have the washers in the corners positioned right.