Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mass Production

So this is what happens when you ask someone if they need some cards..............

I recently asked my mother-in-law if she needed any cards.  I should have known she would need the one type I didn't have on hand, sympathy cards.  So I set off to do some mass production and made 24 cards relatively fast by keeping them simple.  I only have 1 sympathy stamp set and the reason I have it is because it was a free with purchase set.  This Gina K set has come in very handy to have around.  I should add another sympathy set to my collection, but who wants to buy a sympathy set when you can get some really cute & fun stuff instead. 
This was also a great way to use up some paper that I've had sitting around forever.


margie c said...

It's a brilliant way to get some cards that are hard to create. I only have one set too, and at this moment, I'm not even sure which bin its in, oops!
Thanks for the inspiration, this is something that I should get done for my mom, sis and myself :)
hugs to you!

Mary J said...

Really beauiful Erin! Simple yet very elegant!

Minnesota Musings said...

Once again another great card idea from Erin. Thanks.

Lynne Phelps said...

Erin, these are lovely despite being simple to produce. I love the design and the soft colors!

I'll bet your Vagabond was a lifesaver with all those die cuts. I just ordered one, it should arrive on Friday! Any words of wisdom to share? :-)

I need to sit down and make a batch of Sympathy cards like you did; I am always making them onsie-twosie. Sadly, since I am older I have found it nice to have several different sets on hand so I don't get bored. :-(

Ann Leek said...

I'm totally copying. What do the others look like?