Monday, October 3, 2011

Bachman's Fall Ideas House 2011

This past Sunday my friend and I went to Bachman's Fall Ideas House in Minneapolis.  I took tons of photos for everyone to enjoy.  If your near the twin cities you have until Oct. 9th to go.  It's only $5 a ticket.  What a steal!

Repainted salvaged wood dresser with hand-painted storage labels.
This is perfect for Minnesota winters.
Four chairs turned into storage bench.
Wire light fixture embellished with honeysuckle vine.
Vintage postal sorter used as organizer.
Herb drying racks used as newspaper holders.
Bike wheels turned into cardholders.
Salvaged schoolhouse chalkboards mounted on wall, yard stick frame.
Roof vents used as lights.
Worktable made from wooden beehives.
Tractor seat turned into stool.
Poultry crate repurposed as coffee table.
Soda crates hung on wall as shelves.
Metal pail organizers with license plate letters.

Salvaged letters used as wall decor.
Headboard created with tin number wall art.
Vintage scooters as shelves.
Salvaged, repainted dresser with flash card building block accents.
Grain scoops turned into wall sconces.
Table repurposed as headboard.
Fence gate, wood plinth and metal "S" pieces used as wall decor.
Inside of a trunk lid.
Salvaged metal naps used as shower curtain ties.
Wood worker box turned into wall organizer.
Shutter used as valance.

Old armoire upholstered with fabric.

Paper roses made from colorful magazine pages.
Lampshade forms turned into bedside tables.
Books used as shelves.
Vintage grain cleaner transformed into a wine bar.
Vintage trunk top and industrial base turned into side table.
This was my favorite piece in the house!
Salvaged wood and windows turned into a coffee table, filled with vintage print blocks.
Decorative doors from Wisconsin State Capital.

Salvaged wheel and tabletop turned into a table.
Tree planted in chicken waterer.
Shed (Haunted House)
Table made from a casket cart and glass door.
Vintage sewing machine bases repurposed as planter box bases.

Chicken nester transformed into a planter.


Meme said...

Hey I left a comment yesterday, where is it?
Anyway....thanks for sharing this as I am going to miss it by 2 days! This is awesome, love the ideas in this house. Wow! Must have been fun! Looks like it was an awesome day outside also!

Lynne Phelps said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! I LOVED last year's post and this year is even better! So many fantastic ideas, but even more it is a new way of looking at things. We had flower boxes under every window at our house in Oregon all held up by Singer sewing machine stands so that was a really great blast from the past! Wonderful, wonderful post!