Friday, February 3, 2012

Cricut to the Rescue

My kindergartner came home from school yesterday saying she needed a fox costume for her school play THE NEXT DAY!  (Long story about why she didn't make hers during class like everyone else.  I won't bore you with that.)  Well what's a mom to do in the 11th hour?  Cricut to the Rescue!

I got myself a new Cricut Expression 2 for Christmas, and have not had a chance to play with it much.  Thankfully I had already set up my Cricut Craft Room and could download the  Masks -Animals software.  It was so easy to do, almost to easy!

Oh Happy Day!  One fox mask to the rescue!
Her teacher said next time I'm making all the costumes.

Note to Self:  Being known as the crafty mom at school is never a good thing!


Meme said...

Oh Erin this is to cute!

She look Adorable! Looks like it was a winner!

Crafty MOM is now known to the teacher = crafty jobs alot to them!

marshad said...

We had the same problem a few weeks ago but it was a jacket that was to resemble a hyena; I broke out the brown grocery bag & markers. I needed some of your crafty powers!

Come to find out a few days later.... She just needed a jacket jacket.