Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog Gone Cute

Boy, I have had a week with appliances.  First last Thursday my dryer stopped blowing any hot air.  We replaced the washer last year and knew we were on borrowed time with its mate.  So first thing Friday I headed out dryer shopping.  No problem there, new one came Tuesday.  Then Monday I was at the kitchen table doing homework with my daughter when my 2 month old fridge made a weird sound and smoke started pouring out the back.  The repair man came Tuesday and said the compressor was grounded out and to have them bring me a new fridge.  So I spent that evening moving all the food in the house out to the garage fridge and freezer.  (Here is a little tip:  if you want to lose weight just get rid of the fridge.  If you have to walk out to a cold garage to get food out it's not half as tempting.)  The new fridge came yesterday and I spent this morning moving all the food back into the house.  Why can't they make appliances like they used to?  Your lucky to get 10 years out of one today.  I remember when we moved my grandmother out of her house she still had her old White Westinghouse fridge and freezer in the basement.  They looked like a 57 Chevy and were at least as old, but they still worked just fine. 

I finally got a scrapbook page made and photographed.  It only took me 2 weeks to get it done and posted.  I used my Cricut to cut out all the little dog bones for the border.  The paw prints are a border punch.


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This is so cute Erin! Nothing like caging your dog and your child at the same time, Ha!
Farris loves to climb in the dog kennel.