Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrapbook Page - Whatcha Doing?

I finished this 2 pager last week.  Now I'm under the 2 year behind mark on my scrapbooking.  That only means about 4000 photos to go (ha ha).  I've been busy trying to get ahead on some other projects with month since next month we will be going on vacation.  I've been busy coming up with the April Daisy Girl Scout project and getting all the supplies ready to go.  I've also been on a major OCD high getting my daughters clothes picked out for the trip (more on that later).  I made out the family calendar for March this weekend, and wow are we busy.  On top of a vacation, hubby is traveling for work (nothing new) and then we have family coming to visit the day after we get back.  No rest of the wicked, right?

Here is a closer look are each page.
I had just a couple pieces of this cute paper and thought it looked good with P's pink pants in the picture. 
This is P keeping an eye on her Uncle Kevin while he paints the woodwork around the windows on the second floor of the house.  She was very concerned about his safety.

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Meme said...

Super cute ERin!

That paper is really cute!
Busy girl you are gonna be!