Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 3 of Vacation: Epcot

On day 3 we hit Epcot for the early park hours.  It pays to get your butt up and be there at 7 a.m.  We could run to the popular rides first and have them all done without fast passes before the park got busy.  Then we could take a break in the heat of the day and come back in the evening to finish up.
The annual flower show was going on in Epcot so the flower displays were amazing.
We knew we were going to have a picture taken, we just lucked out that it was with Minnie.
My favorite part of Epcot was Finding Nemo and talking with Crush.
Mine!  Mine! Mine!
We took the afternoon off to swim and came back into the park to finish up, dinner, and the fireworks.
P in Mexico
So we watch the fireworks and have 2 more countries and we would be done for the day.  It's 10:00 by this time.  We go into Morocco to look around and P sees they are doing a kids craft.  They are stamping a paper Duffy bear for each country.  Of course she wants to get her stamp for each country, but that part of the park was closing at 11:00.  We explain that she will have to do a lot of fast walking to do it all in time and she agreed.  We run like mad men to each country getting to the last one at 10:55.  She was a happy girl and very impressed with herself at walking over 9 miles in one day.  We headed back to the resort with her limping to the bus.  This was taken about 2 minutes after sitting down on the bus.

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