Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm back! (I think)

I'm back from vacation, and it only took me a week since being back to write a new blog post.  I thought I would share some of our vacation photos since I may not have any more GOOD photos for awhile.   Why?  Well the first day of vacation we went to Sea World and Shamu liked my good camera so much he decided to splash it with a bucket of salt water.  Thanks Shamu!  I've dropped it off for repair ($200 to just send it in, yikes) and they say it could take 6 weeks to get back.  How will I live without it for 6 weeks?  I did have back ups on our trip.  I used hubby's camera (fine for still shoots, bad for movement), my Iphone (surprisingly it took some good photos), and my Sony Bloggie (last resort after I used up all the batteries I packed for hubby's camera). 

We arrived at our resort on a Wed.  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter (a Disney resort).  It was a great place.  It has one of the best pools and a boat to take you to Downtown Disney.
Water slide at the our pool.
This is the boat to and from Downtown Disney and to the Riverside resort.
The view from our room.

Downtown Disney
P loved Stitch spitting water on her.
Dinner at T Rex (P's pick)
P's favorite part of Downtown was eating at Ghirardelli.

More pics. later.  Sea World is next!

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