Monday, March 18, 2013

Daisy Girl Scout Craft Day

I survived holding my first Daisy Girl Scout Craft Day.  I had lots of help from the other moms or I don't know that I would have made it. 
Here are the projects I came up with.
First we made bookmarks from paint chip cards punching out different shapes down the side.  Then we used the punch outs for cards.  The girls made bottle cap necklaces, clay ornaments, and decorated purses.  Their favorite projects were the melted crayon art and playing with the air dry clay.
I made each girl a bag with a custom tag to hold all their projects.  As they came in to room they were given a apron to wear and I took their picture for the back side of each tag.
I had our local bakery make St. Patty sugar cookies for the party.  I'm not a big sugar cookie fan but these are so good (I think I've had 3).
It was a very full day of scouting.  After the craft day Hubby and I took P to the Scout roller skating party. 

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ANN LEEK said...

Dang girl! That had to cost a pretty penny.