Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Smash books for Girl Scouts

I was in charge of our Daisy troop meeting for Girl Scouts this month.  I decided on homemade smash books as our craft.  This is a great way to use lots of odds and ends you have in your stash.
The girls are all in 1st grade so I had everything pre-cut and ready to go, all they had to do was assemble them in the order they wanted.
I used cookie boxes for the cover.
I used patterned paper, notebook paper, old pages from books, tags, envelopes
index cards, border punched cardstock, even old playing cards.
I used a zutter to bind them together.
I tied ribbon to paper clips and let the girls use washi tape to flag pages.  The girls loved using the confidential and private stamps inside.

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ANN LEEK said...

I know some adults that would like to do that class. Ha ha.