Friday, April 5, 2013

Scrapbook Page: Christmas Day

I didn't have many good pictures of this Christmas so a one page layout worked best.  This is another basic page.  If you can't tell from my past posts I've been trying to get a lot done and not spend way to much time on one page since I'm so behind.  One more page and I'm done with 2010!  Gee only 2+ years behind now.  Good thing I only have one kid.
The snowflake blue paper at the top, the snowflake, and the journaling card are all October Afternoon.  If you are wondering why I use so much October Afternoon it's for 2 reasons.  I love the look of there stuff and they are located two towns over so I get to go to the yearly warehouse sale and get TONS of stuff for cheap.  At the sale you have to buy an entire package of each patterned paper so I split it with friends an still have tons left over.

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