Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A few photos from Junk Bonanza and the Bachman Fall Idea House

Junk Bonanza
This is for my bff or my bbf (best bitch forever).  She always points out things that say ho, ho, ho and tells me they are talking about me.
 very cool lamp
 If you go to anything held at the racetrack you must get their bloody mary.  It's like going to Disney and getting a dole whip.  The thing is a meal in itself and comes with a beer back. 
 Metal panels to look like books.
 Cool seat, the lights even work.
 This is made out of jewelry.
Bachman Fall Idea House
(didn't take my big camera this year, so not as many pics)
Cinder block sofa in the man shed.
 Fairy Garden built into a dresser drawer.
 love this table

 Lots of bottles and jars hanging from twine this year.  Almost every room had some.
 Wood grain paneling created with paint roller.
 Rusty gate ceiling accent.

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