Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bachman's Fall Idea House 2012

Bachman's has done it again with another beautiful Fall Idea House.  I took a ton of pictures.  Enjoy!
 Tires lined with burlap as planters.
Wall flowers made from burlap wreath, wheat and honeysuckle vine.
Hanging wicker balls with pumpkins as tree decor.
Hanging balls from garden arbor.
Sunkist cart planter.
Hanging loveseat made from tires.
Centerpiece made from a galvanized trough.
Mummy hands as lantern holders.
Beer kegs as stools.
Beer tap/keg holder made from old trunk.
Beer-bottle chandelier. 
Dishtowels as curtains.
Farm discs as wall art magnet board.
Chandelier embellished with wicker balls.
Assorted cabinet doors as wall art.
Dining Room
Outdoor lanterns turned into table lamps.
Drum shade embellished with wicker balls.
Candle holders as place cards.
Plant stand stools.
Salvaged metal stand as center island.
Metal rolling cart as wall shelf.
Vintage trunk as wall organizer.
Half Bath
Chairs as wall shelves.
Metal basket as magazine and toilet paper holder.
Dog Room
Dog bed made from an upside-down table
Dog bed made from old chair.
Dog bone chandelier
Dog bowl dish holder as wall sconces.
Dog bowls stacked as side table.
Bow Wow land shade
Dog bone shaped pool.
Ceiling shade embellished with safety pins.
Bird wall art made from nails and colored yarn.
Salvaged wood, rope and clips as photo holders.
Incubator side table.
Lamp filled with spools of thread.
Mobile made from a branch and origami birds.
Stickers on mirrors as word art.
Cloth diapers used as organization pockets.
Salvage metal turned into wall shelf.
Upstairs Bath
Bark panel wallpaper (love this)
Leaves framed as wall art.
Stems between windows as fall decor.
Candle tray as wall shelf.
Master Bedroom
Headboard made from doors.
Bird sculpture as bracelet holder.
Jewelry holder made from cookie sheet.
Cork tiles under glass for side table.
Canvases and pins as photo holders.
 Salvaged metal tray as pegboard.
Crates as wall unit.
Meta panels as window treatments.
Desk made from old doors and fabric.
Wood planter box as ceiling pendant.
Living Room
Planter box with added frames along radiator.
Optometrist table as wine bar.
Shelving unit made from salvaged metal and wood.
Galvanized planters used as wall shelves and cubbies.
Conveyor belt as coffee table.
Metal garden orb and decorative candle holder added to chandelier.
Radiator drip tray as planter base filled with rocks.


Meme said...

AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

what a great blog..its so fantastic and what a great ideas that you have..i really love it

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